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Monday, January 28, 2013

1D - The Harry

This is the first in what should be an obvious set I plan on making. This is a top for your T/YA/A male sims. Everyday, Formal and Career  Not Random.  Two Presets. All morphs and LODs.
*Don't ask for the hair, was something I slopped together for the pics.



  1. Love me some less-formal formalwear :)

  2. Oh my god. I remember commenting on your initial post for this shirt asking about its time of completion and I'm sitting here in awe at how perfect this is. Having made the entire band (, I will have you know my Harry sim will use the shit out of this top. I can't even find the words to thank you for this but THANK YOU.

    And as a 1D stan and someone who creates celebrity sims as well, it's taking every part of me not to ask for you to put that hair up. It's literally impossible to find his hair or anything that is close. I just hope that you decide to take it on as a future project because I would download it regardless of errors or fixes I don't even care.

    Again, thank you for your AWESOME job. I've been anxiously anticipating its release! :')

  3. i hairs looks awfull JK its awesome but i bet want everybody to request it hahahahaha

  4. Hey I know you said you just slopped together the hair but please share it! It's perfect for harry xx

  5. Very nice! Thank you :)