Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives

Friday, December 30, 2011

Maxis Match Pets Edition

Here are the cabinet and table that came with pets re-fitted like my other object creations. Includes cabinet, side cabinet, and side table. Retains all presets and channels as the originals. Same meshes, nothing added or subtracted. You may need Pets, not sure.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brony Tees For the Ladies

Here are my My Little Pony cutie mark tees for your female sims. They use the ladies tee from generations. I didn't like the large swoop neckline so I made it a regular fitted neck line. Comes in the six different marks. Like the male version only the shirt is recolorable, not the cutie marks. Not gonna lie, these do not look as good as the male counterparts. This is mostly due to the way the shirt is meshed from EA and because the marks are quite a bit smaller. Still though I think they came out just fine. Made for Teen/YA/Adult female sims. HERE

Get the real thing here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Medieval Stache and Beard (UPDATED)

This is a conversion of the handle bar mustache with goatee from The Sims medieval. I've added stubble. Has LODs 0 and 1, you'll probably never see 2 and 3. Keeps the same textures as the original, uses the base game stubble textures. I will say this though, there is some clipping when the fat slider is ALL the way fat. I've tried and tried but couldn't really get it, so just don't make your sim all the way fat, you can get it pretty fat though without clipping. HERE
Added two new variations, no stubble and fuller beard. I fixed the fat morph, all should be well now. Also added a stache only and beard only variations. Please re-download.

*I am not starting to convert stuff again, I simply needed this style of facial hair in my game for a sim.*

Fashion is Magic

This is just the Generations t-shirt with My Little Pony cutie marks as stencils. The shirt is recolorable, the cutie marks are not. Everything is the same as the original shirt except now it only has one channel and six stencils. You do not need generations; made with s3oc. Made for Teen/YA/Adult males.HERE
Get the real thing here.

Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkiepie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mock Hawk with Widows Peak

*Re-download, there was a problem causing CTDs*

This is a clone of the Sims Store Faux Hawk, I've added a widows peak because the original mesh makes the forehead ginormous. Updated LOD 0 and 1. Used Nubbi's control texture for the highlights only, kept EA's hair texture. You do not need the original for this to work, everything is included.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sk8ter Shoes (updated to include teen and elder)

These are just a simple plain pair of skater shoes, surprised nobody has made these before and my self sim needed them, so here they are. Shoe is a custom mesh, all morphs included, only LOD1, the others use the normal shoe mesh, you really can't tell that far zoomed out anyways, unless you have a shitty machine. Has four re-colorable parts: shoe laces, sole, and the base has two different sections. Only for male YA and A. Activated for everyday, formal, swimming, and athletic. I've included textures for the two other shoes that used the original mesh that are from the game. HERE

Monday, October 24, 2011

Flash & Reverse Flash Tats

Is your sim a geek?
Does your sims love comics?
Is your sim in love with the Flash?
Then this is for you! It's two simple tattoos featuring the Flash and Reverse Flash symbols. Two recolorable channels. This is an Ambitions tattoo.


*Inspired by you know who*

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dry Wall

So I'm not dead, just busy.

Here's a simple wall covering that matches the "empty" wall. This can be used for unfinished rooms, garages, whatever. I forgot to take a pic in game, so when I boot it up next time I'll add a pic. Not recolorable, might add that later too. Using this will make sure you no longer get the moodlet for not having wall paper.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

R2D2 Swimsuit

So someone posted this on my Facebook the other day and I instantly thought I want to make this for my sims. Here's the original link, This is for both females and males, obviously. Set for only swimwear, random and maternity for female only. Both are fullbody suits. Three channels. Enjoy and "may the force be with you."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exultation & Mourning

This set contains stuff that's been sitting around my test folder for a while now that's ready to come out. It contains three hairs and three dresses. Both dresses are set to everyday and formal. Dress one is a party dress with a big bow, has three channels, four presets. Dress two is a cocktail dress with one channel and three presets, comes in two varieties, with a necklace and without.  Dress one is a full outfit, dress two is a top and bottom. I've added custom thumbnails so you know which is which. The three hairs are pretty much self explanatory, I think. The hat with veil is a simple casp and control change, is set to DR, you must have Gen for this to show in game. The ponytail is a hat hair and the mohawk is a normal hair. All use Anubis's control texture. The last two use altered meshes.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Al Bhed Contacts

Draca yna y byen uv ouin cdyhtynt "costume make-up" luhdyldc eh Al Bhed cdoma. Ev oui'na hud vysemeyn fedr dra Al Bhed drao yna y risyhuet nyla vnus Final Fantasy X and X-2. Draen syeh tevvanahla ec draen cfenmat bibemc, knaah aoac yht pmuhta ryen. Lusac eh drnaa lryhhamc, dra bibem, yht dfu byndc vun dra enec. Syma yht vasyma, ymm lydakuneac, HUH-TAVYIMD. Ev oui lyh nayt drec E lussaht oui vun paehk yc pek yc y tung yc socamv.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Imaginary Friend Clothing - Unlocked


These are just simple CASP changes to unlock the clothing for imaginary friends once they become real. Comes in three types, stars, stripes and dots. Everyday, tops and bottoms, CF is full body.