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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TSM 2 TS3 - Evil Wizard - Final

So when I said The crowns would be my last conversion for a while I lied. You can't have a King or Queen without proper robes. So while I'm waiting for AwesomeMod to update I'll be doing this. This is the Evil Wizard outfit for your sims. The shoes are a separate file. You cannot use the shoes with other outfits, they are made specifically for this robe. The mesh includes all morphs and the neck is fixed. There are four re colorable channels, see photo. The only thing I can notice that is wrong is there is a very small amount of clipping around the lower half of the robes, I had to re-assign joints in those areas.

Fixed issues with shoe alpha and overlay textures, shoes are NOT re colorable. Decided NOT to make the shoes useable with other clothing items. Added LOD2's.

I do plan on doing the female Evil Wizard and the King and Queen outfits, I'm not sure which ones yet but you can expect at least one set.

Get it here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

King With No Crown : King With No Crown

So I've totes been involved with Game of Thrones and Camelot and wanted to get the crowns from medieval to the sims. This will most likely be my last Medieval conversion for now. All four crowns have all LODS and textures. The regular male crown is the only crown NOT re-colorable, all others are. They show up as bracelets. Teen through Elder. All categories. In CAS there are really bad dark shadows, they do not show in game. Made with CTU and game version 8.0.1. I believe that is all.


I was a tad stoned when I made these, so if anyone sees anything wrong let me know.