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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beetlejuice House - Exterior

This is my replica of the Beetlejuice house. This is only the exterior, I have not gotten to doing the interior yet. It's been a while and I'm not sure when or if I'll like doing it. I've included two lots, both versions of the house, and three pieces of custom content that I made, the three modern house pieces and the two tile round window. The inside is built around the main layout of the house, modern wise. My main intentions with this house was to make the modern version. I had to get creative with some aspects of the outside of the home, I had to make the inside match the outside. This is not a real house. There is no real way of getting to the attic that I could come up with while still keeping the inegrity of the house, I was planning on making it look how it should then just use portals. I give everyone every right to do with this as they please. You do need the CC linked below. Have fun!


The Smaller Closure Door
Build Set
M&G and AL mansard roof conversion


  1. I was watching this with my girls the other day, I was thinking of this exact thing!! You are awesome honey and your work just gets better and better!! Love all your stuff and without your mods our simming would not be as fun. :) Red

  2. I can't wait to play this lot!
    Thank you!
    ... off to make myself a Lydia now :)

  3. I just downloaded this house. I can't seem to find it in game though. Is there a certain location in which I am supposed to load it?

  4. yeah I to can not find the house I downloaded what up with that?

  5. I'm with djhirokun & CT Graphic Designs.. I've downloaded all the stuff... including the 6 files in the "DOWNLOAD" link that is supposed to contain "Beetle_Modern.package, and Beetle_Old.package... and neither show in game...


  6. ok people- are you putting the file in packages? Cos it doesnt go in there. Put the CC in there, THEN go to the folder in the sims 3 directry called Library. Put the houses in THERE.

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