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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newsea Dove - For Males - Update

Got a request. It's Newsea's Dove Female hairstyle. It's only a CASP change so nothing too hard. I've included two files, one is everything, so if you don't have it already use this file. And the other is only the CASP file, for those of you that have this hair already. Make sure to put it in your overrides folder, otherwise it won't override. I actually kinda like this hair, I'll pooklet and Anub it later, done. The Pooklet version is a stand alone, meaning you can have Newsea's and mine.
Pooklet'd - Anubified

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeffree Star Clothes Pack #1 UPDATED

I was going to wait until this was posted at MTS first but they're down for the next few days. This set comes with three full outfits. You do need my Jeffree sim if you want him to look just like the pictures. I've also included a file that contains the poses and the patterns. 

UPDATE - I've fixed the UV on the Blender skirt so that the pocket isn't so wierd looking. I've also fixed some clipping in the fat morph for the Cupcake shoe. Please download these and let them overwrite the old. 

I'm removing the links so I can work on them just a little bit more, they were rejected :(

Outfit #1
As seen below this is the Cupcakes Taste Like Violence EP cover outfit. The swimsuit is a bottom that will show up on any top you choose, this way you can pick whichever nude top you want. Three recolorable channels, the two strips and the belt. The hair is a simple edit of the base game mohawk, I've only removed the scalp textures. The shoes are a completely new mesh by moi. They have only one recolorable channel, and I suggest you keep them unicolored and not use patterns, I tried my best with the UV mapping and just couldn't get it to where it was uniform. Also I had to use parts of the UV not meant for shoes so these will not look right with every clothing item, mainly stuff with collars and stuff of the like. 

Outfit #2
The outfit worn for the cover of Lollipop Luxury. Also a bottom that will show on the top of your choice. Three channels, the body and the gloves, front and back. The hair is one that comes with my Jeffree Sim @ MTS. The Tiara you can get HERE. The shoes are again a new mesh. Three channels, the base, the metal parts and the heel. This one is mapped properly so patterns are OK, and the same about it not working on all clothes applies here too. The pattern used in the pic is also included. 

Outfit #3
This is the outfit worn for the Blender photo shoot. This one is a top and a bottom. You can only use these two together, I've altered the waist so there will be gaps if you try to use these separately. Three channels, the  outfit, the belt and the buckles. Hair available @ MTS along with the shoes which comes with my Jeffree sim. 


V=804  F=2664
V=800  F=3036

Tiara for Princesses

I did not make this. I simply made it available for males and made it compatible with aWT's sliders. I tried contacting the creator for permission and got nothing. So whatever. I need it for an upcoming upload.
Original HERE

Monday, June 20, 2011

Man, so far all my meshes have been cut and pastes from ea. Real meshing from scratch fucking sucks. But it'll be worth it. Can't wait to show what I've been working on.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ugh, this shit sucks. But I want Ariel in my game NAO! So I'm working on  a mertail. Here's a very very rough draft. I'm going for more of a disney/cartoony/sim looking mermaid tail. Fawkes over at mTS is making an awesome more realistic tail.I think the mesh for the most part is done-ish. I've got a lot of work left to do on the UV map and textures. This is not the texture I'm using, this is just something I've whipped up for help with the UV. Once the UV and textures are done on to the bones, then morphs, then once it's perfect I'm going to convert it for other genders and ages.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Witch and Wizard Crowns - TSM

Here are the evil witch and wizard crowns for your sims. Only jewel is re colorable, cloned as bracelets. These look bad with other accessories so I might just re-do the crowns with the hairs at some point. Has all Lods and textures from the originals. Like with the other crowns you must use aWT's hat sliders. And I've noticed some hairs cause the mesh to go all wonky so if it does just change the hair style.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I've Been Working On

So I've hit a snag in what I've been working on. The only things left are the lights, which I can't get the flames to show up, and the throne, which is in a category of headache all by itself. Here's a sneak peak. :)

Does this look familiar?

 Hint 1
Hint 2

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Money's on the Witch!

First let me say this is my favorite one so far!!!So here's the Evil Wizards counter part, the Evil Witch. There's four files here, comes with a few options.  The necklace, the no feet by Bloom over at MTS, the dress with necklace and the dress without the necklace. And by no/necklace I mean with ot without the shadow for the necklace. Because it looks fine if you use NO OTHER accessories. Once you add another accessory it starts to look really bad. You MUST use all four files(I think, you definitely need the feet and a dress). Has four re colorable channels and all morphs and LODS 1 & 2. The feet ARE attached to the body, that's why I included the No Feet mod by Bloom. Let me know if you guys find anything, have fun.


Here's a look at the nest one. After this one, the Evil Queen, I'm going to do the Evil King, if there is one. I know there's and Evil Knight, but there's a female one of those too, so I hope there's a counter part to this one.