Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Power Rangers

So I was bored and didn't feel like working on the suits. Still pretty rough around the edges, but pretty cool I think. No CC, at all, well just the skins, used Apple, Strawberry and Mandarin skin tones.  Click pictures for larger sizes.


  1. Hey omega, it's dutch from MTS here. Just to let you know I love this little project you're doing (I'm a Mighty Morphins kid myself :3) I'll continue to follow its development. :)

  2. Oh, wow! Looking great! Although Lost Galaxy was my favorite, I like anything PR!

    The poses are perfect! If I had these, I might actually install Pose Player instead of just collecting the poses for use "someday!"

    Can't wait to see more! :D

  3. this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen xD