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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flirty Dress - UPDATED!!!

Here is a full body conversion of the short tank dress from the game for males. Two versions, one with the necklace one without. The original without necklace didn't have a normal map so I added that. Available for YA/A, everyday and formal. NOT random. Each has the original presets, the same as the female versions, shown in the pictures, two channels, three for the one with the necklace. All morphs and Lods. Have fun!!!!

Added pregger morphs.



  1. One day I will have enough patience to start converting stuff.

    Anyhoos, thanks! :D

  2. I was thinking about having this dress for males earlier, now I get to have it :) Thanks!!

  3. Excellent! Now if only I could find dresses for boys and male toddlers.