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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maxis Match - Side Tables

Wasn't long before I found something else that was missing. Today I give you side tables! Here are seven table conversions into side tables. They are half as wide as the originals. Same textures, same polys, same presets, same slots. I've altered the slots on the top to fit the new width, and I've removed the chair slots. Very simple, very much needed. 



  1. Thank you! Definitely something that was badly needed. I like to leave one slot free too so that the sims will put their mail there when they bring it in. (Granted, they don't always comply, but thats the plan anyway!) But it'll be nice to have a table that actually FITS the purpose!

  2. This is really nice :) Wonderful work. This is very convenient.

  3. omg you are so awesome! thank you so much!

  4. Which one is the first one? I'm trying to limit the amount of cc in my game, so I only want to add my favorite one. I think it's the one called "Modern" but that's just a guess.

  5. The first one is actually the patio one, its from OLS.