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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Money's on the Witch!

First let me say this is my favorite one so far!!!So here's the Evil Wizards counter part, the Evil Witch. There's four files here, comes with a few options.  The necklace, the no feet by Bloom over at MTS, the dress with necklace and the dress without the necklace. And by no/necklace I mean with ot without the shadow for the necklace. Because it looks fine if you use NO OTHER accessories. Once you add another accessory it starts to look really bad. You MUST use all four files(I think, you definitely need the feet and a dress). Has four re colorable channels and all morphs and LODS 1 & 2. The feet ARE attached to the body, that's why I included the No Feet mod by Bloom. Let me know if you guys find anything, have fun.


Here's a look at the nest one. After this one, the Evil Queen, I'm going to do the Evil King, if there is one. I know there's and Evil Knight, but there's a female one of those too, so I hope there's a counter part to this one.  


  1. Hi,

    Another nice conversion. The bottom of the skirt looks funny. Sort of like a patchwork quilt. I put a screenshot on my website for you in Hidden Pages - CTV Feedback. I'm emailing you the link and password.

  2. Ah, that's because you aren't using the invisible feet, that's the shoes' textures showing. Once you put on the no feet that should go away.

  3. Got it! You can only use short hair styles. The long ones hang through the back of the dress. But I can live with that. How are you at converting hair?

  4. I'm sure it can't be that hard. Why do you have a request? I'd be more than happy to do one for you.

  5. I'm not sure, I haven't looked at the game in a while because of the crappy load times for Sims in CAS. I'll take a look and let you know.

    Would you be willing to try and teach me how to do conversions? If you are willing, you need to know that I'm dyslexic and need step by step instructions with pictures.

    Do you know what the greatest philosophical questions is for dyslexics? Is there a Dog.

  6. I put up some pictures on that web page. Now the page really is password protected. There is a serious shortage of good male hair in Sims 3
    Do you think you could do the beard?

  7. It's very beautiful. I needed a dress for my maleficient's castle.