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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TSM 2 TS3 - Evil Wizard - Final

So when I said The crowns would be my last conversion for a while I lied. You can't have a King or Queen without proper robes. So while I'm waiting for AwesomeMod to update I'll be doing this. This is the Evil Wizard outfit for your sims. The shoes are a separate file. You cannot use the shoes with other outfits, they are made specifically for this robe. The mesh includes all morphs and the neck is fixed. There are four re colorable channels, see photo. The only thing I can notice that is wrong is there is a very small amount of clipping around the lower half of the robes, I had to re-assign joints in those areas.

Fixed issues with shoe alpha and overlay textures, shoes are NOT re colorable. Decided NOT to make the shoes useable with other clothing items. Added LOD2's.

I do plan on doing the female Evil Wizard and the King and Queen outfits, I'm not sure which ones yet but you can expect at least one set.

Get it here.


  1. Hi,

    I love your conversions. There is an unexpected result when you put the shoes on your Sim. The under robes turn white and you can't change the color. If you put the shoes on first that doesn't happen. I actually think the white robes a cool.

    If you make your Sim really fat, when he pats his belly his hands disappear under the robes.

    The shoes look a little rough by themselves in CAS, but you barely see them in play. Great Job! I look forward to more conversions, especially the female ones. I wish I knew how to convert TSM stuff to TS3, I'd be converting EVERYTHING! I got the game for building not the game play and was very disappointed when I discovered you can't build anything. I was ok with the game play with a few tweaks and I loved creating new Sims. Since the crappy patch makes it take 20 minutes to load all my creations in CAS now the game has lost most of it's appeal for me. Please keep converting!


  2. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. Sadly I cannot fix the animations being off with the hands and what-not. And the rough shoe mesh is all Ea's doing, which I can live with seeing as you never see the shoes. Did fix the overlay thing though. Again thank you.

  3. I didn't think you'd be able to do much about the hands, and I totally get EA being sloppy (not in a good way) with the shoe mesh.


  4. Man, this is good as, how do you put it in sims 3?