Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exultation & Mourning

This set contains stuff that's been sitting around my test folder for a while now that's ready to come out. It contains three hairs and three dresses. Both dresses are set to everyday and formal. Dress one is a party dress with a big bow, has three channels, four presets. Dress two is a cocktail dress with one channel and three presets, comes in two varieties, with a necklace and without.  Dress one is a full outfit, dress two is a top and bottom. I've added custom thumbnails so you know which is which. The three hairs are pretty much self explanatory, I think. The hat with veil is a simple casp and control change, is set to DR, you must have Gen for this to show in game. The ponytail is a hat hair and the mohawk is a normal hair. All use Anubis's control texture. The last two use altered meshes.



  1. This set is amazing! Thanks so much. I especially love that the second dress is two pieces. Can't wait to see if they're mix-and-matchable.

  2. i love the full body tattoos,where i cant find somwethings like yours sims?thanks for help

  3. There's no download button anywhere. How do i download?