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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brony Tees For the Ladies

Here are my My Little Pony cutie mark tees for your female sims. They use the ladies tee from generations. I didn't like the large swoop neckline so I made it a regular fitted neck line. Comes in the six different marks. Like the male version only the shirt is recolorable, not the cutie marks. Not gonna lie, these do not look as good as the male counterparts. This is mostly due to the way the shirt is meshed from EA and because the marks are quite a bit smaller. Still though I think they came out just fine. Made for Teen/YA/Adult female sims. HERE

Get the real thing here.


  1. These are really awesome, but neither them or the male ones are showing up in game for me. Are you sure I don't need generations?

  2. I'm 90% sure you don't for the male versions, they are are direct clone with all the meshes and what not included. The female ones I made using TSWR so you might need generations for those.

  3. All four packages come with all the meshes and textures so I see no reason why you would need Generations. Look harder? PEBKAC? IDK, sorry.

  4. Yeah, I dunno why they aren't showing up. They're in the right place, and I tried re-downloading just in case but that didn't work either. If it helps, the only EP I have is Pets.