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Friday, December 28, 2012

Regal Living unCAStables made CAStable

This makes the items that come with the Sims 3 Store Regal Living set CAStable. This fixes one fence, a 1 tile gate and a 2 tile gate. I've also included another package that hides the other unCAStable pieces in the catalogue. These do require that you own these items in order to work. Decrap if necessary. Big thank you to Inge and Aussomdays for helping me with these.


Just as an FYI, when you first place the fence there will be no transparency. As a work around, for now, place two sections of fence then the 1-tile gate, CASt the gate and drag the color template over to the fence. This will fix the transparency, you can now clone tool the fence to use as regular. 

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