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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Symtamatic Jock and Socks

To commemorate me shaking off my procrastination and remaking my self sim and boyfriends sim here are my versions of a jock strap and tube socks for your male sims. These are available to male sims, YA/A, in three colors, for everyday, formal, swimwear, athletic wear, sleep wear, and career. Not set to random or revealing. Enjoy, and I'm also working on a nice mesh cropped jersey to go with these so stay tuned.

Download Here

Get the real ones that inspired these at Nasty Pig.


  1. And may I add to the previous comment.
    I love you very much.
    Jocks and socks! Ahhh High school gym class!

  2. Hey I know lots of people asked but have you uploaded that really sexy ginger sim you use a lot? And if so where because I love him!!